3, 25 Prospect Street
Box Hill   VIC 3128
P: 9899 8655
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Your Chiropractor and Myotherapist in Box Hill

Conveniently located near Box Hill Train Station

Optimal Health is our Aim


At Aligned Health we have been helping young families, workers, sports people and seniors achieve optimal health through simple and effective treatment to compliment today's busy lifestyle.
We achieve this through offering the latest in Chiropractic Care, Myotherapy, consultative and educational programs that help and empower you to achieve your health goals sooner.


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Chiropractic Care - Is this right for me? What to expect?

There are times when your body lets you know that it needs some help. Whether it is back pain, tiredness, discomfort or headaches, Aligned Health will work with you to achieve fast and effective results.
A visit to Aligned Health in Box Hill could be the answer to finding comfort, freedom, mobility and balance – all of which lead to a more relaxed daily life. Often, without you being aware of it, spinal misalignments (or subluxations) are playing a role in your discomfort or symptoms and affecting your quality of life. Left untreated, these subluxations can hamper your movement, cause chronic pain, restrict your comfort and limit your health potential.

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A Complete Solution - Feeling great is just the beginning.

At Aligned Health our aim is to find and correct vertebral subluxations so that your nervous system can function freely and without interference so that your body is better able to deal with the stresses of daily life and to heal itself, naturally. Expect: Improved concentration and mental acuity, Increased energy levels, Improved immune function, Improved posture and spinal alignment and Improved athletic performance

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Massage / Myotherapy - we seek to work in a true health model.

Myotherapy promotes holistic physical health. Muscle tension and imbalance can decrease your general wellbeing. At Aligned Health our Massage and Myotherapy is a natural approach to health care aimed at maximising mobility and minimising muscular pain and stiffness. Our myotherapists are highly trained to utilise specific massage therapy techniques and other modalities, to address the underlying cause of your pain, to resolve your condition and to help your body to return to optimum health and function.

What is Chiropractic?- Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and millions of nerves. Your brain is protected by the skull and your spinal cord is protected by the 24 moving bones of the spine. Many everyday activities can cause these spinal bones to lose their normal position or motion. This can result in nervous system dysfunction and ultimately, ill health. The chiropractic approach to better health is to detect, reduce, and help prevent nervous system dysfunction.

Why Chiropractic?
Research shows that only about 15% of back pain has a definite structural cause, such as disc herniation, fracture, or injury. About 85% of back pain is known as functional (or mechanical) back pain. This means that it is the way the joints, muscles, and nerves work together that is the problem. In most cases, functional spinal pain can be relieved through a combination of professional help, and self help.

What can I expect on my first visit?
Chiropractors see more spines than any other profession; it is what we do all day. In Australia it takes a minimum of five years full-time university training to be able to call yourself a Chiropractor. A Doctor of Chiropractic will take a thorough case history of your condition; how long has it been there for, what kind of pain is it, does it radiate or spread anywhere, is it getting better or worse, what aggravates it, what relieves it, what other treatment have you had. After the case history Dr Bongiorno will examine the motion and function of each of your vertebrae, perform a range of neurological and orthopaedic tests, and may order some x-rays to assess damage and measure misalignment.After putting all this information together, Dr Bongiorno will then know how to best manage your condition. Most often it will be a combination of gentle and specific spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy and supportive exercises for you.

What is a Subluxation?
Chiropractic is a system of healthcare that releases a serious stress from your body: the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. A subluxation is often a painless, tiny, spinal distortion that can affect your nerves, muscles, internal organs, discs, bones, brain function, posture and overall health.Subluxations are caused by stress of all kinds: poor posture, accidents, sport or even working in the same positions for long periods of time.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?
The primary course of care will be specific chiropractic adjustments. This will help return individual spinal bones to their proper motion and position. There are hundreds of ways of using carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore better position and motion to “stuck” or fixated spinal joints. This may require a quick thrust, or in other instances a slow, constant pressure. Sometimes, only one area of the spine is adjusted, and other times the entire spine will receive attention.Dr Bongiorno uses his hands, a specialised table and other specialised instruments to suit each individual. Some adjusting approaches can result in a faint “popping” sound. This sound is created by the shifting of gas and fluid in the joint. The presence or “loudness” of this sound has little meaning and varies with each patient.

Do you need a referral from a GP?
Chiropractors are primary healthcare practitioners therefore a referral is not necessary. However more and more GP’s are referring to Chiropractors via the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC).

What is Myotherapy?- Frequently Asked Questions

Myotherapy is a multi-skilled physical therapy within the Allied Health Profession. Myotherapy is applied in the preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of therapy to restore and maintain the normal integrity of the soft tissue structure (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) of the human body.Myotherapy can work to deactivate trigger points in muscles. Trigger points are often created when a muscle is damaged via birth, sports, accidents, occupations, and disease. Trigger points can be painful and refer to other parts of the body.Myotherapy is a system of hands on, soft tissue and muscular healthcare, designed to assist in the rebalancing of your musculoskeletal system.

What does a Myotherapist do?
Depending on the particular problem, the Myotherapist may use a combination of the following:

    Soft tissue manipulation
    Thermal therapies (heat and cold)
    Myofascial dry needling
    Myofascial stretching
    Corrective and rehabilitative exercise.

What can Myotherapy do for you?
Muscle tension causes pain and affects all aspects of your daily life. If you suffer from pain, fatigue, reduced concentration, injury,restricted movement, stress, or strain, Myotherapy may benefit you.Myotherapy treatment can reduce pain and restore the normal integrity of soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia).How does Myotherapy differ from massage therapy? Myotherapists are professional soft tissue therapists, trained for a minimum of 3 years in all aspects of musculoskeletal health care so they are experts in soft tissue treatment. Through careful history taking and assessment, a Myotherapist will choose the most appropriate techniques to target your condition.Our trained therapists use specific massage therapy techniques and other modalities, to address the underlying cause of your pain, to resolve your condition and to help your body to return to optimum health and function.

Can I claim the fee on my health insurance fund?

YES. We offer the Healthpoint facility which accepts most private health insurers and is able to be claimed immediately.Using Healthpoint to claim electronically saves you the time of filling out forms and waiting in line. By simply paying the gap amount, you also require less cash on the day to settle accounts.


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Aligned Health Our approach to your wellbeing.

"Our patients appreciate our friendly and caring approach that delivers high quality healthcare in a relaxed environment that empowers YOU to improve your health and Wellbeing. Achieving your optimal health is our goal. This website will be regularly changing and updated to provide you with the latest research and tips to help achieve this."

Posture and Your Health

Most think that poor posture is simply a state of not looking your best. But posture is a reflection of the health of the spine. It is the shifting of the spine that can actually cause the outward postural appearance.

EDUCHIRO - Better awareness and understanding leads to better health.

What do YOU think when you hear the word chiropractor?

A lot of people think a chiropractor is someone you only see when you have a sore neck or back. This is a myth! Get a greater understanding of why a chiropractor should be part of your family's health care team. Watch this short video.

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Maximise Outcomes - compliment your visits with these excercises.

Does your work environment support you or does it contribute to your spinal problem? What about your bed? The furniture you slouch in at the end of a long day? Could these be contributing to your problems? Are you overweight? Excess weight places much more load on the discs of the spine and makes them more vulnerable to injury. Regular exercise, periodic adjustments and soft tissue treatment, good nutrition, and good work habits will together add years to your active life. Here are some great instructional excercise & stretching guides to help.

Some Effective Stretches & Exercises

Click following links

Fitball Exercises 1.5mb
Stretch Exercises 2.6mb


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